Funny find on Reddit today. Looks like W. Gibson had some thoughts about Shadowrun in 2003.

“No relationship. No permission. Nothing. Nary a word exchanged, ever.  

Except that the admixture of cyberspace and, spare me, *elves*, has always been more than I could bear to think about.”

Actually, this is quite close to what I think myself about it. It has never felt “right” nor calmed the itch I have with this genre. Actually, it explains my discomfort with it. Never understood the appeal of mixing genres like this. There are so many ways to bring Cyberpunk to another level, and I appreciate a lot “post-human” Sci-Fi a lot, to avoid the whole fantasy meets Cyberpunk thing.

You like chocolate? Like oysters too? Why not chocolate with oysters? That’s what Shadowrun sounds to me.


Well, his views on piracy are interesting too. It reminds me a lecture from James Gwertzman at GDC 2014 (OMG! Zombies on the Great Wall of China) about how the hurdles of launching Plant versus Zombies in China: Copycat and pirates being a sign of recognition and serving your brand.