What year is it?! Consolidating blogs

what_year_is_it It is funny when ou have been “online” for so long, the technology you used to broadcast information, in a blink of an eye (or almost), is outdated beyond repair… I am not talking about old X10 interfaces, gopher or telnet (well, actually, I can brag that I have learned Photoshop 2.0 on UltraSpark consoles, and layers weren’t invented at the time!).

No, no, nothing that terrible. Just that in the beginning of this millennium, I have started a few blogs using DotClear or WordPress and totally forgot about them, then continued to forget a little bit more, then a little bit more. Add two kids, count threee or four relocations, and I am struggling to remember what my original credentials were.


Now that I have gathered everything back, the funny thing is that the versions of those “things” are so dated (or left behind. I feel ashamed, a bit, like I didn’t feed my Tamagoshi for 12 years) that there is little I can do to bring their glorious content back to life.


So I thought. In fact, after googling my problem, my respect for the WordPress organizaton grew a few more notches.

basically, after updating from Dotclear to wordpress, then installing a temp version of 2.5 to bring back to life old backups from 2.3, the whole content has been integrated into my new blog (here). 🙂 Not like it is interesting to read, but that’s history!