Backgrounds from Dark Earth 2 2

Here are a few backgrounds from DarkEarth2, a game that never saw the light of day. (we were 45 working on it, till 99).
Enjoy ! More to come. You’ll find them into the CG work category on the left (Corporate works). here

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2 thoughts on “Backgrounds from Dark Earth 2

  • Lars Edward Jacobsen

    Hi. Really sad Dark Earth 2 never came. What happened? I brought the game in 1995, but unluckily I scratched the cd too much. I’d been looking for the game for years and finally found it on ebay. Best game ever!

  • Gwen

    We worked roughly 3 years on it, changed publisher 2 times (Enix then Squaresoft), platform 1 time (PC to PS1). That’s too bad I’ve got a backup of a working version of DKP (Dark Earth Playstation) but I can,t put my hand on it. It’s an alpha version, with bugs and 12 minutes of cinematic, but almost playable… Sob. Souvenirs souvenirs. If I’m able to release a version, I’ll let you know. 🙂