Deconstructing King of Thieves

1422304814_king-of-thieves-novyiy-proekt-studii-zeptolabJust read an in-depth article by Adam Telfer, Product Lead at Wooga, about King of Thieves. As I have played it also previously, en enjoyed it briefly, I was intrigued about his conclusions. very good read that puts  new light on some of my questions.

I am especially impressed by the integration of gatcha and social mechanics. A very dark point in my opinion is their onboarding. Because I wanted to know what Zeptolab had to offer, I had to “endure” a painful tutorial and click endlessly on tabs and buttons to make it advance (without reading anything mind you).

Another issue I saw coming quickly, is the issue on the long run with their shortest loop. Although the action is cool at first, and very link Super Meat Bog, it becomes punishing very quickly if you do not have enough skills. Hopefully this funnel will keep enough interested and paying players over time. 🙂

It is refreshing to witness such a cool blend of genres put together! You can read the original article here.