PSP – NYC2123 Dayender – 1st comic for the PSP 1

Here’s a promising initiative, all in Creative Commons. One of the first (take it with the salt) comic dedicated to the PSP I’ve found on the internet. The format is exactly what the PSP can show (Using Jpeg viewer – JVIEW), the style is dark and contrasted. 59 slides of black and white cyberpunk. I’m not totally convinced by the whole, but I can’t criticise any further. I’m just waiting for the folowing. Hurry up, the next issue is due for september the 9th, and it’s downloadable there : NYC2123 Dayender – A graphic novel for the PSP. Yummy !

I’d love to see more comics like that in the future on the PSP. I know enough starving professionnal writers and artists who can’t sell their stories and who would find a very large audience that way.
Imagine mixing a PSP with downloadable free content, random wifi access points, and, let’s say, some people commuting / waiting for a friend in a bar / at a dentist… Well, even willing to read some good graphic novels at home, like me!

NYC2123 Dayender

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One thought on “PSP – NYC2123 Dayender – 1st comic for the PSP

  • Paco

    Just an FYI, issue 2 is due out next month but not on the 9th. The date we’ve listed on the site is 09.2005. It should hit mid to late month like issue 1 did. Thanks for the interest and compliments. Its been a blast so far and we’re just 1/6 of the way there.