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Gameloft generates half a billion downloads with Minion Rush.

From Yahoo: “Gameloft, a leading publisher of digital and social games, is proud to announce that Despicable Me: Minion Rush, developed in collaboration with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing, has surpassed half a billion downloads. This is a huge milestone for mobile gaming as it’s the equivalent of […]

Perso – Snow snow, happy happy, joy joy

Well, in a nutshell. It’s been snowing for a couple of weeks now. With, meanwhile, the usual disappointing raises of temperatures which melt our hopes of an oncoming afternoon of snowboard. But tomorrow, and sunday, it’s going to be the real shit. I mean, nice fluffy snow, low temps and […]

Techno – PSP, my new friend

I’ve bought a PSP 3 weeks ago, and it is already occupying a part of my awaken day. There are so many apps (Homebrew) coming out everyday, plus all the emulators, that it’s painfull to even try to count and keep a working updated list from one day to another. […]

Blog’s lifting

It took less than one hour, and the lifting is already finished. I’ve cut deep in the useless features, tried to make a more understandable interface, less messy and more friendly (yeah!)…Let me know what you think if you wish. For my own, I’m pretty happy with the end result. […]

SGI casemod – a PC into an SGI O2

This little fantasm was running into my head for the last days. At first, I wanted to buy a used one in order to play with Irix. As a CG artist, these SGI beasts were often unreachable icons. Now they’re just obsolete pieces of hardware. […]

Splinter Cell CT “Flash experience”

The more we’re approaching march, the more infos about Splinter Cell Chaos Theory are out. I’ve been at last able to hear the theme of the map I’ve been working on as a level artist for the last 6 months (PS2 version). As Amon Tobin did it, I was eager […]